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About Us - Vinay Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the science of life, this concept is existing in India from Indus valley civilization or even before with an estimation of 500 BC or earlier. Ancient religions like Buddhism and Jainism use to practice ayurveda for the illness and cure diseases, Regardless of what you know you are here at the right place for “Ayurveda” The ancient Medical Science.

We here are providing you medicine to each and every disease such that diseases will be vanished from every part of your body cell. To live a healthy life one should be free from all the stress and problems of life then the divine power will accept you in the shadow of peace. Why the life span of human beings is decreasing from more than 100 to 80 and now 70 Treatment from ayurveda will give you a care free life and the mind will be energized hence one can take all the right decision and negative vibes will maintain a huge distance from you. Due to pollution and adoption of western style we are just obtaining toxic things in our body diseases like Allergy, Diabetes, High/Low BP, Rise/Low Appetizer, Liver Diseases, Cancer, Blood Purification, Kidney Stone, Skin Diseases, Constipation, Heart Problems, Cough & Cold, Virility & all Sexual Diseases, Arthritis, Piles, Obesity, Urinary Tract Infection, Paralysis and all other diseases.

Ayurveda will treat you from all the sides and give you a healthy life. By keeping our surrounding clean ‘one will guide other’ this concept is believed by Dr. and since then he is on the mission of diseases free human race for the sake of humanity and mankind.

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